Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Format & Rules

(from the Organizational Framework for the Georgia Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl, Updated September 2021)

A. Game Format – These rules may be amended by the State Steering Committee in order to accommodate the number of schools participating in a bowl.

B. These rules may not be amended and will be the same for all bowls at all levels.

C. Rules During the Game/Round – These rules may not be amended and will be the same for all bowls at all levels.

a) Participating team member raises hand to challenge.

b) The coach comes forward to determine the legitimacy of challenge.

c) Coach grants permission for students to address the moderator with challenges.

d) Only the challenging student will address the moderator. Coaches, parents, visitors, and alternate team members remain silent.

e) If a challenge goes forward, the moderator may make a decision based on the answers they have or the moderator may confer with HRRB committee members, if needed. Identify: your competition level (elementary, middle, or high), your room number, the question number, book title, and page number where the answer should be located.

f) Coaches stay with your team. (A Coach’s chair will be provided directly behind your team.) Use your discretion when allowing a student to challenge. Only you are to direct any challenges and ask any questions, not a team member, a parent, or other visitor.

g) Wait for answer from committee member – do not discuss question and/or answer in competition room (step outside with coach if needed).

h) Once a decision has been made about the question by the moderator, their decision is final.